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Our coaching program is designed to help you win online. Frequently that involves adding a Shopify site and scaling up traffic and sales. We personally visit with you each week via Zoom, discuss your situation, and help you expand your operation.

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This e-book unpacks the sources of the online traffic, outlines the habits of traffic professionals, and leaves you with 5 strategies that you can implement immediately.


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What would happen to your business if you didn't show up? Get our latest report and learn how to move your business from a personality driven enterprise to a systems driven enterprise. Inspired by Dean Jackson and his Tiger Proof insight, this simple ebook will explain how you can grow a stronger, safer online business.


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Podcast Episode: Amazon Mastermind Group – What to Look for and How to Get the Most from an Amazon FBA Mastermind (Part 1)

This week let’s talk about masterminds…Michael has been running ecommerce masterminds since 2015 and recently Kyle and Jason have started to run some amazing masterminds as well. In this episode we break-down the value proposition, and 5 ways to get the most out of any mastermind you’re part of. Listen Now

Podcast Episode: Get Massive Blog Comments, Social Followers, And Newsletter Sign-Ups With This Simple Tool – Tip Of The Week

Tip Of The Week: How do you get massive blog comments, social media followers, and email newsletter sign-ups? We show you how using a simple tool in this weeks Tip Of The Week. Listen Now

Podcast Episode: Amazon FBA Business Model – Pick Your Vehicle for Online Selling Success Part 2

Join us for a 3-part discussion as we reveal the pros and cons of 12 Amazon business models. Picking an e-commerce business model is critical. Get this wrong and you have a mismatch between where you’re starting from – your experience and finances – and where you want to be – your wealth goals and your cash needs. But get this right, and you can have a smoother path, learn as you go without going broke and get the wealth and cash you want. Listen Now

Meet Jason & Kyle


Jason Miles ... Is Udemy's Most popular E-commerce Instructor. He's the Adjunct Professor of Online Marketing at Northwest University, has authored three best-selling books with McGraw Hill on the topic of social media. As the co-founder of several companies he's sold millions online and he's passionate about helping others grow their online business. He's been featured in Forbes, The Huffington Post, Wharton Magazine (of the University Of Pennsylvania Business School) and other premiere publications. He regularly speaks at conferences on the topics of ecommerce, social media, and social enterprise. Jason also co-founded Sew Powerful a thriving charity combating extreme poverty through sewing purposeful products that enable academic achievement.

Kyle Hamar ... Started his career as an intern at an IT consulting startup. Working out of the founder’s home office before they even moved into a one room office that they shared. They provided network and server installation and management, along with web development. Ultimately Kyle ended up running the networking division of the company as the senior network engineer as it experience massive growth. Today he's an Amazon and E-commerce marketing consultant actively building brands online. He helps clients create information products, build email lists, generate leads, and sell physical products.